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Ep. 100 - We're Back With A $30 Million Dollar Man, Jacoby Brissett. Let's Go. : PMS 2.0

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On today’s show, Pat and the guys are back from a 2 week hiatus with an exclusive interview with the newly christened QB1 of the Indianapolis Colts, as Jacoby Brissett joins the show live from the Colts’ indoor practice facility. They discuss everything stemming from the shock of Andrew Luck retiring, if his viral reaction on the sideline is when he first found out, and what his mindset was like coming into the building as the starter. They also chat about his preparation as we get closer to the start of the regular season, what is on his playlist during pregame, and how he wants people to view his game as starting quarterback of the Indianapolis Colts (3:24-31:36). Pat and the guys also discuss Brissett signing a $30 million extension twenty minutes after the end of their interview together, go over Andrew Luck’s retirement some more, they cover all the moves the Houston Texans have made in the last few days, and whether or not it makes them a better football team. They also do a deep dive into the AFC South, and react to Shady McCoy signing with the Chiefs. Pat also has a few thoughts on Jalen Hurts and some other things in the college football landscape, Dave Chappelle’s new standup special Sticks & Stones, and breaks down his fall schedule in detail. It’s good to be back. Come and laugh with us, cheers.

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