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Tell me about yourself interview for freshers | CABIN CREW INTERVIEW QUESTIONS

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Tell me about yourself sample answer for freshers.

Tell Me About Yourself Sample answer Video: https://youtu.be/GovEUFcU7Gg

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To guide your answers to this classic question, make sure you answer the following points.

1.Where did you just graduate from and what course did you study?
2. Why did you study that course?
3.Did you have any leadership or organizations you were active with in school that showed your character, resilience or ambition?

4. Why are you applying to the airline - what is it about what you studied, and what we do that you find alignment? Tell me how you fit in our airline.

What you shouldn't be saying or doing:
That you don't have a clear reason to why you chose to study that course or major
Talking about how much you hated school
All the classes you've failed
Making no connection between what you've done and why you've chosen to apply here

Sample Answer:

Good Day, My name is Ruth.
I am a Fresh Graduate of BS in Nursing from university of the Visayas.
I chose to study this course because I want to acquire skills that are in line with my talent in compassion and caring for others.
When I was still a student I am an active part of the Student Council as the head treasurer where I learned how to manage my time and work with my co students to bring success on our school projects.
I also am a varsity member of the swimming team where I have trained for four years and learned personal discipline and teamwork as well.
I choose to apply for your company Even though my course is on the medical field, I believe my skills and training will be helpful in the career of a flight attendant. I will be best at giving first aid to passengers in a medical distress during the flight. My natural care and compassion to patients can be applied to passengers by giving them service from the heart and my experience with the student council and swim team has helped me acquire important teamwork skills applicable in working with an international crew for your company.


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